Soaring to Success

Rain or shine, night or day, nothing stands in the way of our aircrew honing their skills with the F-15SG Air Mission Trainer (AMT).

A state-of-the-art simulator, the F-15SG AMT complements live flying training to fulfil the RSAF’s training requirements. With a cockpit that resembles the actual aircraft’s and a visual display system that provides a 360-degree view, it generates a simulator environment that is realistic for our aircrew to fly in.

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Our engineers oversaw the acquisition of the F-15SG AMT and ensured that the programme met the RSAF’s training needs. Our goal: ensure training in the F-15SG AMT was as close to the actual flight experience as possible.

“We made sure that with the AMT, users would be able to train for a wide range of operational scenarios, from multi-aircraft combat missions to aircraft emergencies. Beyond mission training, the AMT can also simulate aircraft malfunctions and varying weather conditions to provide training scenarios that are challenging to replicate in the real world,” said Senior Programme Manager (Simulations and Training Systems Hub (STSH)) Yvonne Lim.

For more effective training, the F-15SG AMT enables several aircrew to train concurrently as it involves multiple flight simulators that are networked together. It also comes with an Instructor Operating Station, which allows instructors to perform real-time monitoring, configuration, and management of training scenarios. The scenarios are further bolstered by a Computer Generated Forces System.

With so many components involved, the team chose to take a phased delivery approach.

“We decided to operationalise the AMT’s capabilities progressively in phases. This allowed us to introduce key capabilities at the earliest possible time and minimise integration risks. It was challenging because this essentially increased the acceptance testing efforts required, but we felt this was the right way to go,” said Programme Manager (STSH) Kenny Wee.

Looking back, it was all about teamwork. Kenny explained: “Every member of the team looked out for one another and chipped in with their different tech expertise. Together, we kept a very close eye on the programme’s progress at every stage, and our attention to details eventually paid off. It was great working with such a positive team.”

With the F-15SG AMT already delivered to the RSAF, the team will continue to seek new ways to leverage the latest technologies to make the simulator even better.