BrainHack is a unique, hands-on experience into the swiftly evolving world of digital tech. Dive deep into the exciting realms of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), space technologies, app development, fake news detection, extended reality and more.

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Activities | FAQ



Virtual Self-Directed Training: Month of May

(incl. 30-hour qualifier in the last week of May)

Physical Finals: 12 - 13 June

Delve into the exciting field of cybersecurity. Challenge yourselves and be equipped with the latest techniques!

Grab your team and participate in a Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag (CTF) competition!

CODE_EXP Mobile App Development Hackathon

Virtual Training: 20 – 22 May

Virtual Qualifiers: 31 May – 4 June

Submission and Selection of Finalists: 5 – 7 June

Physical Hackathon: 12 – 13 June

Embark on a comprehensive mobile development experience that blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning in workshops that cover programming, UI/UX design, and intricacies of mobile app development.

Participants culminate their journey with a hackathon, where they navigate the entire software development lifecycle under time constraints, receive valuable feedback, and prepare for dynamic challenges of the tech industry!

SeeTrue Workshops – See Through Fake News

Virtual Training: 1 day between 3 – 7 June

Physical Hackathon: 12 – 13 June

Learn about the technologies behind fake news detection, like computer vision and natural language processing, and its real-world challenges.

Put your creativity and skills to the test!


Physical Opening Ceremony: 11 May

Virtual Self-Service Courses & Qualifiers: 11 - 26 May

Virtual Novice Workshops: 14 & 21 May

Virtual Advanced Workshops: 15 & 23 May

Physical Finalist Preparation: 4 - 9 June

Physical Finals: 12 - 13 June

Embark on a learning journey in AI and autonomous robotics and compete with other teams by deploying computer vision and natural language processing models to complete challenges in real-world scenarios.

Through this, you will be deploying autonomous air defence turrets that can identify, classify and take down air threats to defend our skies.


Virtual Self-Directed Workshop: End May - 2 June

Physical Workshop: 3 – 6 June

Hybrid Hackathon: 6 – 13 June

Physical Finals: 12 – 13 June

Learn basic eXtended Reality (XR) development skills and uncover the latest trends in XR, such as cloud XR applications, through exciting workshops.

Participants will compete in a hackathon to solve real-world problems by incorporating XR solutions.


Physical Training: Up to 3 days between end May & early June

Site Visit: Up to 1 day between end May & early June

Physical Finals: 12 – 13 June

Embark on a mission to explore space technologies and their applications through our Space Technology and Data Workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to learn (i) how a satellite works, (ii) how a ground station operates with a satellite, and (iii) how to exploit space data to solve real life problems.

Participants will get to compete in a hackathon to solve real-world problems by applying what they have learnt from the workshop.

In addition, our participants will also have the rare opportunity to interact with Italian astronaut Brigadier General Roberto Vittori in person.

Tech Showcase

Physical Showcase: 12 – 13 June

(Open to all competition participants)

Modern threats require modern solutions. Get up close and personal with a diverse range of activities and learn how DSTA equips Singapore with the latest defence tech!


Are there any prerequisites to take part in any of the activities?

There are no prerequisites as training will be provided.

Which activities are being held virtually/physically?

Each activity will have a different set of virtual and physical activities, do check the activity key dates above for details.

Do I have to bring my own devices for the physical activities of BrainHack 2024?

For all events, participants who make it to the physical finals are required to bring their own laptops and accessories (monitors, charging devices etc.). Wired LAN and WiFi will be provided for internet access.


A limited number of XR headset devices will be provided for participants to test and develop their XR applications for the hackathon. Participants may bring their personal headset devices.


No prerequisite is required as training will be provided. Participants will need to bring their own laptops for the training.


For the virtual qualifiers and hybrid training/workshops, participants are required to use their own laptops.

For physical finals, there is no requirement for participants to bring their laptops.

I’ve taken part in a previous edition of BrainHack. Can I still participate this year?

Of course! You are more than welcome to sign up again, as the challenges will be different from past editions.

Can students from different schools form a team?

Yes, as long as the participants are registering for the same category. Participants from different education levels can still form a team but the team category will be based on the highest education level attained within the team.

I am interested to register but am unable to form a team. What should I do?

You can register as an individual or a small group, and the organisers will help to form a team with other registrants where possible.

What is the difference between early registration and registration?

Early registrants will receive confirmation of their registration status around March 2024, before registration opens. As each activity has a limited number of slots, participants who are interested can secure their places earlier if they can commit to the key dates of each activity.

I have submitted the application form. Is my participation confirmed?

As there are limited slots for each activity, there may be a selection process after registration (or early registration) closes. Confirmed participants will be notified via email. All information with regard to the activity you registered for will be included in the email if you have been selected.

Will I be able to take part in more than one activity?

As some of the activities are held concurrently, please refer to the activity dates to plan your BrainHack experience according to your interest and availability (e.g. school commitments).

Can I participate if I am a pre-enlistee or NSF?

Yes, you can! You may participate based on your highest attained qualification.

Are post-graduates, part-time university and foreigners/international students allowed to participate?

Yes! Each activity has its own eligibility criteria, so please ensure that you check the requirements for the activities you are interested in before registering.

Are Singaporeans studying overseas allowed to participate?

Most of the events are done virtually so you can participate even though you study overseas. However, if you do manage to qualify for the finals, you are required to attend physically. In addition, please check if the activity you are interested in requires you to be present physically.