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Create transformative cyber defence solutions. Lead the technological innovation and boost Singapore’s digital defence.
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Our People

A Fulfilling Career in Defence Technology

"The work we do at DSTA not only contributes to Singapore’s defence, but also helps to improve the effectiveness of all those who use our platforms and systems to keep Singapore safe.”

- Principal Engineer (C3 Development) Jonathan Ong

Transforming Data Science

“Diving into data to find real gems of insights to build visualisation and machine learning models – it’s an art!”

- Senior Data Scientist (Enterprise IT) Peh Jing Yuan

What Makes Us Tick

“We have lots of supportive co-workers in DSTA who readily share their expertise so that all of us can work together towards a common goal.”

- Head (Tech Office) Fiona Chen

Tackling Uncharted Territories

“DSTA’s many training programmes have boosted my skills in leveraging cloud technology for defence applications.”

- Senior Engineer (InfoComm Infrastructure) Lim Di Xiang

Leveraging Collaborations

“I work closely with defence engineers as well as the industry and academia, who constantly tap emerging technologies to develop state-of-the-art systems. Their determination and never-say-die attitude spur me to constantly hone my technical expertise.”

- Head Capability Development (Cyber AI) Dr Melissa Chua

Strengthening Partnerships

“I enjoy the challenging and fast-paced work that we do. There is a close ops-tech partnership between us and the military personnel, and by harnessing our different outlooks and experiences, we are able to build better systems together."

- Senior Engineer (Information) Lorenzo Ong

Exploring Emerging Tech

“As an AI engineer, I explore opportunities in emerging technologies that can be harnessed for defence. In particular, my interest is in finding new ways for machines to understand the human language so that they can be used to help the SAF in their operations.”

- Senior Engineer (Digital Hub) Aaron Chew