Partnering the Tech Industry

DSTA adopts an ecosystem approach in our partnerships and collaborations to develop capabilities, leverage commercial technology to accelerate digitalisation, and create capacity through levelling up the industry.

Since our establishment, we have been working with the larger science and technology community, building strong ties with foreign governments and renowned foreign agencies. We have built a wide network of global partners, tapping knowledge in the international arena through workshops and visits.

Partnering the Tech Industry 02 Partnering the Tech Industry 02

Partnering the Tech Industry 03

We collaborate actively with the industry and reach out beyond traditional industry partners to tap innovative ideas from the wider community, including start-ups. We are keen to leverage commercial solutions to strengthen our technological base to deal with the ever-changing threat landscape.

We also work with research institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning to co-create, and invest in R&D to gain fresh insights and innovate technological solutions. 

Partnering the Tech Industry 04 Partnering the Tech Industry 05