DSTA Board

  • BOD_Web_Melvyn Ong

    Mr Melvyn Ong

    Permanent Secretary (Defence Development)
    Ministry of Defence


  • Mr Mervyn Tan

    Mr Mervyn Tan

    Chief Executive
    Defence Science and Technology Agency


  • BOD_WEB_CDF_AaronBeng

    VADM Aaron Beng

    Chief of Defence Force
    Ministry of Defence


  • BG Frederick Choo

    BG Frederick Choo

    Chief of Staff-Joint Staff
    SAF Inspector-General
    Chief Sustainability Officer
    Ministry of Defence


  • Ms Chua Sock Koong

    Ms Chua Sock Koong

    Independent Director


  • BOD_Web_Goh Wei Boon

    Mr Goh Wei Boon

    Chief Executive
    Government Technology Agency of Singapore


  • Prof Ho Teck Hua

    Prof Ho Teck Hua

    Nanyang Technological University


  • BOD_WEB_Marcus Lam

    Mr Marcus Lam

    Executive Chairman


  • Ms Jillian Lim

    Ms Jillian Lim

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Digital Officer
    Economic Development


  • BG Ng Chad-Son

    Mr Ng Chad-Son

    Deputy Secretary (Technology)
    Future Systems and Technology Architect
    Ministry of Defence


  • Mrs Elaine Ng

    Mrs Elaine Ng

    Deputy Secretary (Administration)
    Ministry of Defence


  • BOD_WEB_Siraj Omar

    Mr Siraj Omar

    Managing Director, Dispute Resolution
    Drew & Napier


  • Ms Quah Ley Hoon

    Ms Quah Ley Hoon

    Group Chief Corporate Officer
    CapitaLand Investment


  • BOD_WEB_Mohd Shamir

    Mr Shamir Rahim

    Founder and Group CEO


  • BOD_web_Tan Kok Yam

    Mr Tan Kok Yam

    Chief Executive Officer
    SkillsFuture Singapore Agency


  • Mr Tan Peng Yam

    Mr Tan Peng Yam

    Chief Defence Scientist
    Ministry of Defence


  • BOD_WEB_Teo Ming Kian

    Mr Teo Ming Kian

    Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd

    Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd

    Non-Executive Director
    Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited