Improving Armour Training Realism

Realistic training? Checked!
Ability to train for a multitude of platforms? Checked!
Training in a safe environment? Checked!

The Armour Simulation Centre is a one-stop simulation training centre that enables the SAF to beef up their armour warfighting capabilities by immersing trainees in a realistic and safe virtual environment. It comprises two key elements: the Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS) and the Armour Driving Simulator (ADS).

Improving Armour Training Realism_01

A highly versatile system, the AGMS allows its simulator cabins to be reconfigured to support gunnery and tactical manoeuvre training across various armoured vehicles. This includes the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tanks (MBT), the Bionix I and II Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), and the UItra M113 Armoured Personal Carrier.

Up to 15 cabins can also be networked together at any one time, which simulates integrated training at the company level. This provides a realistic training environment for commanders to hone their command and control, battlefield coordination, and gunnery competencies prior to their field training.

Improving Armour Training Realism_02

On the other hand, the ADS supports driving simulation training across all Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) and IFV, including the Leopard 2SG MBT, Bionix II IFV and Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier

It enhances the training experiences of AFV operators by putting them through varying weather, terrain and operational conditions. With its high-fidelity six degrees of freedom motion platforms, the ADS allows trainees to move freely in a three-dimensional space to replicate realistic operating conditions accurately. Up to four driving cabins can be networked at any one time to allow training up to the platoon level.

For greater training realism, the team also developed computer-generated forces that can be inserted into training scenarios, and added advanced debriefing tools with playback capabilities to complete the training feedback loop for reinforced learning.

“We hope that with the simulators, we will be able to help overcome challenges in space and manpower constraints, and expand the SAF’s training areas virtually. The simulators will also enable the SAF to train in scenarios that could not be carried out during live exercises,” said Programme Manager (Simulation and Training Systems Hub (STSH)) Lai Heng Cheong.

Deputy Head (Army Training Sustainment) Rajendran S/O Muthusamy added: “These simulators have been instrumental in transforming many young men into effective NSmen even in the face of a continuously changing military landscape. They simulate the various battlefield conditions and scenarios to sharpen the necessary skillsets, while also honing the soldiers’ safety instincts. Simulator training helps to build confidence, camaraderie and teamwork – all essential ingredients for mission success. We are also consistently improving the simulators to make sure that they remain aligned with operational, safety and doctrinal changes, and that they continue to provide the SAF with effective and valuable training.”