Veggies Delight!
03 Apr 2017

As part of DSTA’s Volunteer-A-Day programme, a team from Cybersecurity Programme Centre planned a day of fun and excitement for some children from the Students Care Service and Children’s Cancer Foundation.

On 15 March 2017, the children gathered at Bollywood Veggies, a countryside organic farm. After playing a series of ice breaker games, they set off for a treasure hunt where they had to find designated items such as curry leaves.

Veggies Delight! Image 1 Veggies Delight! Image 2

Veggies Delight! Image 3 Veggies Delight! Image 4

Veggies Delight! Image 5 Veggies Delight! Image 6

Reflecting on her enriching experience, Senior Engineer Michaela Chua said: “This was not the first time that I volunteered, but the experience was truly unique. It was refreshing to explore a farm, and the children proved that the sky’s the limit when it comes to their imagination. They were so creative in using items found in the farm to dress up their teammate as a scarecrow during one of the games!”

The bonds formed between the volunteers and the children certainly made for an enjoyable time. Ivy Chen, a Programme Executive at Students Care Service, shared: “There was a good fit between the volunteers and our children as the volunteers were very friendly, down-to-earth and encouraging to our children, and they related well with one another.”