Igniting a Passion in Science and Tech
13 Dec 2020

Held from 11 to 13 December 2020, the virtual DSTA Scholarship Tea Session saw over 90 students learn more about diverse and meaningful careers in defence technology through a series of webinars hosted by DSTA, DSO National Laboratories (DSO) and the Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT).

The webinars focused on different aspects, including benefits of the DSTA Scholarship and the agencies' work in various technology areas such as engineering, digital technology and cybersecurity. Through these, potential scholarship applicants were able to gain deeper insights into what a career in defence technology might entail and how they could grow as individuals and as professionals.





Engineers from DSTA, DSO and CSIT were also on hand to share their personal experiences and anecdotes. Drawing from his own experience, Data Scientist (Digital Hub) Chong Shi Kai highlighted that an overseas education was more than just about hitting the books in a foreign country. For instance, during his time abroad, he managed to secure a position as a research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology media lab, and even taught a group of high school students about ROS, a widely used robotics programming language. Through such experiences, he was able to learn more about different cultures and broaden his perspectives.

The engineers also spoke about the enriching work in the defence tech sector, as there are plenty of opportunities for greater exposure to a myriad of tech areas. For instance, Senior Engineer (Air Systems) Lee Xun Yong shared about his six-month attachment to Cybersecurity Programme Centre, where he was immersed in all aspects of cybersecurity.

Participants heard how DSTA, DSO and CSIT leverage emerging technologies in today's rapidly changing security landscape.

The engineers also discussed how and why they were drawn to work in the three agencies.

For Senior Engineer (Cybersecurity) Leo Kay Howe, his positive internship experience with DSTA solidified his decision. He added: “While I was given a lot of freedom during my internship, my mentors were always there to answer my questions and provide valuable feedback for my work. I was very impressed that DSTA cared about everyone's opinion and work, including an intern's!"

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