A Bald Move
18 Jul 2016

DSTA staff made a bald statement at DSTA’s sixth consecutive Hair for Hope satellite event on 18 July 2016.

One of the key events of DSTA’s corporate social responsibility programme, the annual event aims to create greater awareness of the perils of childhood cancer and raise funds for children stricken with cancer. Volunteers come together and shave their heads to stand in solidarity with the children, demonstrating to them that there is no shame in going bald in the course of their cancer treatment.

This year, 25 DSTA staff and their family and friends shed their locks for the good cause. They were joined by Deputy Director (Corporate Services) Lek Jiunn Feng who kicked off the event with a ceremonial buzzer.

A Bald Move Image 1 A Bald Move Image 2 A Bald Move Image 3 A Bald Move Image 4

Senior Technical Officer (Building and Infrastructure) Jessie Loh, who had also participated in the event in 2014, said: “I want to encourage other women to join me at Hair for Hope and show their support for children with cancer. Shaving our heads is nothing compared to the suffering of the children. Ultimately, my hair can and will grow back.” Jessie even brought her son and daughter-in-law along, both of whom were more than happy to go under the shaver as well.

A Bald Move Image 5

Jessie (far right) with her son and daughter-in-law

First-time participant Head (Electronic Procurement System) Laurent Low shared: “Cancer takes its toll on the patients and their families, and it is likely more acute for children. I want to show the children my support and share their hope for recovery.”

Two DSTA staff also picked up the shaver as volunteer hairstylists. Senior Systems Architect (Networked Systems) Ho Mun Chuen, who also got his own head shaved, said: “I have been trimming my own hair for a while now so I decided to help. The event is a way for me to contribute back to society other than through monetary means.” 

A Bald Move Image 6


A Bald Move Image 7

…and after!