Kwok Yoong Fui

kwok Kwok Yoong Fui
Head Course Development
DSTA Academy


Currently a Course Manager at DSTA Academy, Yoong Fui manages Academy courses and delivers lectures on Systems Engineering and Project Management topics.

Having worked in the area of Systems Engineering and Logistics Processes since 1995, he is conversant with the MINDEF Defence Capability Management system and related processes, in particular Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and project risk management. He has provided consultancy on AHP to external agencies, such as the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Sports Council and also helped develop the AHP course for DSTA and the Civil Service College.

Yoong Fui was deeply involved with the development of Academy courses when DSTA Academy (formerly called DSTA College) was first formed in 2004. Straddling between Systems Engineering and College, he contributed much to the curriculum development and shaping of the courses.

Yoong Fui was formally appointed as Course Manager in 2009 and has since managed the conduct of numerous courses and contributed to the regular review of the curriculum of Academy’s milestone and specialised courses. He has introduced pop quizzes during courses to allow participants to gauge their understanding and pioneered the use of the course team-sites to conduct courses online, doing away with hardcopy materials. He also conducts training in AHP and other Systems Engineering subjects.

When examinations were introduced to Academy courses, Yoong Fui also served as a gate keeper and ensured the standard and quality of the questions and the grading system. This culminated in the generation of the examination policies and processes, as well as the formation of the DSTA Academy Examination Board to oversee the entire examination system in DSTA Academy.

He sees his role in DSTA Academy as a nurturing one where he helps younger engineers gain a foothold in the foundations of Systems Engineering and project management as they embark on their journey to achieve technical competency. He believes that learning right will enable one to do things correctly and accomplish more, and Academy achieves this by getting the best lecturers to share their knowledge.