I took up the DSTA Scholarship as I was very impressed with the cutting-edge technologies used to develop solutions for national defence and security. As someone who loves to innovate and create, I look forward to working in DSTA’s dynamic and stimulating environment.

Esmanda Wong
DSTA Scholar
Computer Science Undergraduate,
National University of Singapore


The DSTA Scholarship gave me the opportunity to pursue a degree in an overseas university, where I learnt not just technical knowledge but also independence and the ability to adapt quickly. This has helped me grow tremendously as a person.

Toh Wei Xiong
DSTA Scholar
Electrical Engineering Undergraduate,
Georgia Institute of Technology

With DSTA’s strong culture of continuous learning, I have built my technical and leadership competencies progressively. The battlefield of the future will increasingly be on the digital front, and we need engineers who can ensure the security and quality of our digital systems and technologies.

Isaac Long
DSTA Scholar
Senior Development Programme Manager, Cybersecurity

The defence sector is an area where technology is always advancing. Apart from applying the latest tech to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities, we get to solve unique problems that cannot be found elsewhere. There are also diverse roles to play, from software engineers to AI and data scientists!

Isaac Yeo
DSTA Scholar
Senior Engineer, Cybersecurity

This is why I was drawn to the DSTA Scholarship – I saw it as an opportunity to contribute towards strengthening Singapore’s defence capabilities and enhancing our security, while fulfilling a dream.

Lew Ee Kent
DSTA Scholar
Head Programme Office, Digital Hub


The Global Internship Programme gave me the opportunity to have hands-on experience abroad, developing Artifical Intelligence applications and learning directly from professionals within the field.

Kwok Jun Kiat
DSTA Scholar
Engineer, Enterprise IT


An engineering degree offers much more than just technical knowledge. It trains you to think critically, logically and creatively. As a defence engineer, I get to analyse real-world problems every day and create solutions using advanced technologies.

Donovan Chan
DSTA Scholar
Senior Engineer, Advanced Systems


The exposure to real-life challenges and tech best practices has been invaluable in understanding more about the fascinating possibilities of IT security and networking.

Ng Rui Xin
DSTA Scholar
Senior Engineer, Information


There is a wide scope of interesting and challenging work available at DSTA, with opportunities to drive development and applications in the latest technology areas such as Internet of Things, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Lee Xun Yong
DSTA Scholar
Programme Manager, Air Systems