The scholarship gave me the chance to complete my degree and Master’s studies overseas at Carnegie Mellon, one of the top schools for computer science. I studied under professors that were pioneers in the field and learnt many interesting and relevant programming techniques, all of which helped me in my current work in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Low Bowen
DSTA Scholar
Senior Engineer at Digital Hub


The DSTA Scholarship allowed me to grow my engineering knowledge and apply emerging technologies to develop real-world large-scale solutions. Working together with driven, like-minded colleagues always encourages me to develop my skills, push boundaries and innovate solutions.

Ng Yun Yi
DSTA Scholar
Development Programme Manager at C3 Development


The DSTA Scholarship gave me the opportunity to pursue engineering studies in the UK, where I learned from leading professors to build technical skills and knowledge in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My internship at DSTA also allowed me to experience the dynamic work and culture, and even build a prototype with potential uses for defence.

William Peh
DSTA Scholar
Programme Director at Land Systems

This is why I was drawn to the DSTA Scholarship – I saw it as an opportunity to contribute towards strengthening Singapore’s defence capabilities and enhancing our security, while fulfilling a dream.

Lew Ee Kent
DSTA Scholar
Senior Programme Manager at National Security


GIP gave me the opportunity to have hands-on experience abroad, developing Artificial Intelligence applications and learning directly from professionals within the field.

Kwok Jun Kiat
National University of Singapore
Samsung, South Korea


Discovering the latest aerospace tech and analysing read data sets to solve engineering problems was eye-opening!

Lorenzo Ong
University of Manchester
Airbus, France


The exposure to real-life challenges and tech best practices has been invaluable in understanding more about the fascinating possibilities of IT security and networking.

Ng Rui Xin
Cornell University
Akamai, USA


The technologies I learnt were used by many companies in the industry, which helped me apply my theoretical knowledge in widely-used practical applications.

Joshua Choo
University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign FireEye, USA


The experience was an eye-opener to machine learning! It strengthened my foundational knowledge of how to apply technology to unlock insights from complex data sets.

Kek Jing Yu
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Luciad, Belgium