A one-of-a-kind experience with the best of both worlds! While working on a project I am passionate about, I learnt first-hand from the best in the field.

Delia Ong
Undergraduate Intern at Building & Infrastructure

I was able to explore a wide range of challenging projects in various technical areas, and that allowed me to develop my technical expertise in new ways. My mentors also made sure I was actively engaged so that my internship would be a meaningful and productive one.

Koh Kai Yen Amanda
DSTA Scholar Intern at Digital Hub

I completed my internship feeling more inspired and challenged than before. The projects I worked on were both stimulating yet fulfilling. We worked on solving problems that are still relevant to the defence community and this added meaning to the work. Along the way, I also picked up soft skills in time management and leadership!

Dominic Sua Yong Yi
Junior College Intern at Cybersecurity

The innovative culture, inspiring mentors and seniors as well as a meaningful project to own, gave me an invaluable experience at DSTA. The programme was both enriching and allowed me to stretch my limits. My learning went beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend this journey.

Lim En Ning
Junior College Intern at Information

What makes the work here meaningful is the rare chance to turn my ideas into reality. This is the place that pushed me to achieve new heights and gave me multiple opportunities for personal development and growth.

Ng Wei Han
Polytechnic Intern at Cybersecurity