Putting the Star in Quality Service

30 Apr 2024

Akin to their commitment and dedication to delivering advanced tech solutions, our technologists have always gone the extra mile for quality service.

In recognition of their contributions towards service excellence, an individual and three teams from DSTA received the MINDEF Star Service Initiative Awards during MINDEF’s Quality Service Day on 30 April 2024.



Cluster Head (Logistics Support) Ang Shu Juan from Procurement Programme Centre received the MINDEF Star Service Award (Leader) for her exceptional leadership and contributions to enhance procurement workflows and processes.

Shu Juan works closely with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to proactively forecast and provide flexibility for future demands while balancing the need to achieve value for money. She leverages various methods of digitalisation to further improve productivity for the SAF. She also inspires her team to brainstorm solutions in cluster sharing and assign challenging tasks to develop their skills, and motivate them to improve.


The NATO Data Exchange Redesign team, with members from DSTA and the SAF Joint Logistics Department, delivered a supplier portal to enable end-to-end digitalisation of data management. The project also benefits the industry as it enables suppliers of acquisition projects to provide Material Management Data to MINDEF/SAF in a collaborative and efficient manner.


The Kranji Regional Health Hub (KRHH) team, with members from DSTA and the SAF, designed and developed the hub to boost the SAF’s readiness and resilience for future pandemics. The KRHH functions as a central node to serve the medical needs of the region (Kranji, Stagmont, Mandai Hill camps and SAF Detention Barracks). The building attained the BCA Green Mark Platinum award for its sustainable eco-friendly initiatives.


Consisting of members from DSTA and the SAF C4 Command and Service Delivery Division, the M-Building IT Concierge team delivered an integrated one-stop IT support entity. The concierge consolidates multiple IT Entities which allows employees to resolve their IT issues with a 75 per cent reduction in waiting time for troubleshooting. In addition, a concierge app helps to facilitate appointment bookings with live updates of queue statuses.

Congratulations to all winners!