Grooming Next-Gen Talents

03 Jun 2022

It’s never too early to introduce the young to DSTA and the wonders of science, tech, engineering and maths (STEM). This June holiday, see how the parents in DSTA turn bonding sessions with their little ones into opportunities to spark their interest!

ang jer meng
Daddy Jer Meng and little Gwenda

Activity of Choice: Drone Flying

Director Air Systems Ang Jer Meng believes that discoveries rooted in real world experiences are the most memorable. While operating her drone, Gwenda also hones her hand-eye coordination, and gains exposure to robotics and scratch programming.

Lyn Chow
Lyn and her mini-mes

Activity of Choice: Activity books on coding

These handmade books, which Head PO (AI-Enabled Ops Support) Lyn Chow created with love, help her girls learn about STEM basics. Besides reducing screen time, the activity also imparts skills such as problem solving and logical thinking.

Bryan Ng
Bryan and Bryan Junior

Activity of Choice: Building blocks

For Head Capability Development (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) Bryan Ng, these versatile toys fuel his son’s imagination and inspire creativity. Clicking the blocks together is also a fun way to turn ideas into reality!

Jeremy Sim
The Sims

Activity of Choice: Assembling robots

The force is strong with these two. Senior Programme Manager (Naval Systems) Jeremy Sim and his son have 3D-printed and built bots such as R2-D2 and BB-8 of Star Wars fame. The bots even come with interactive capabilities – think voice and handphone controls with follow-me beacons.

William Tan
Captain William and his crew

Activity of Choice: Repurposing recyclables

Senior Programme Manager (Building and Infrastructure) William Tan teaches his boys the art of sustainability, by showing them how they can use recycled materials to build their own ship! His little helpers also get to be creative in the design process.

Shu Juan
Mommy Shu Juan and kiddos

Activity of Choice: Online shopping

As a procurement professional, Cluster Head (Logistics Support) Ang Shu Juan doesn’t just make value-for-money purchases at work. By involving her kids in online shopping, she instils good saving habits and nurtures them to become prudent decision makers.

Mama Aiping and son

Activity of Choice: Show and tell at her son’s school

Senior Manager (Corporate Planning & Services) Li Aiping shares about her role at DSTA with her son and his classmates. To Aiping, showing her children what passion looks like gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams.