Game for More!

04 Nov 2022

October was a time of good fun and good workout for many of us in DSTA as we bonded over sports and games with plenty of team spirit and cheer, including nerves!

Held from 10 October to 2 November 2022, a series of activities was organised for all staff, ranging from basketball, futsal, badminton and chess to many others, throwing the spotlight on our sports and gaming enthusiasts.

True-blue sportsmen like Senior Engineer (C3 Development) Kelvin Wong seized the opportunity to try out sports he seldom played, while enjoying the opportunities to meet new friends from across the organisation. He said: “I was delighted to match against the top seed in the last round of Chinese chess, even though I was bottom seed. Although I didn’t win, I enjoyed the challenge of trading moves with a more highly skilled opponent, and I learnt a lot.”

221104_Game for More_01

221104_Game for More_02

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221104_Game for More_04

Many others also got in on the fun and exercise with less strenuous activities such as cycling, jogging, and even walking. It was definitely another way for our technologists to sweat it out together outside of their usual routine!

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After close to a month of intense physical activities, we chalked up a collective 13,740km on bike and 45,980km on foot.

For many, however, what was more important was the opportunity to forge new friendships. Deputy Head (InfoComm Infrastructure) Wong Sheng Ye, who enjoyed the active participation and team bonding, said: “The activities provided a platform for colleagues to bond and mingle through common interests. I saw lots of us organising walks in areas near the office!”