Finding Fun in Crowdfunding

08 Aug 2022

For us, National Day was not just a day to celebrate our country’s birthday, but also an opportunity to give back to the community. At our National Day Observance Ceremony on 8 August 2022, we had a splashing good time together while raising funds!

From live performances by our very own music aficionados to mobile game tournaments, DSTA premises were abuzz with activities.



There was also a charity bazaar, where our technologists and corporate staff peddled snacks, drinks and trinkets to raise funds. The sweet aromas of baked goodies, Hokkaido milk, jello shots, and more were irresistible!

Besides food, staff also got creative with fund-raising, with some offering their artistic talents in the name of charity! We also partnered the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped to set up a booth in our office to sell their beneficiaries’ handicraft. All funds raised will be donated to the Community Chest.


finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_04 finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_05

finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_06 finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_07

finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_08 finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_09

And while having fun at the game booths and consoles, we also duked it out in tabletop games. To top it off, there was even a dunking booth that drew crowds… and donations of course!

finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_10 finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_11


Reiterating this year’s NDP theme “Stronger Together, Majulah!”, here’s to staying united as one people and creating a better future together!

finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_13 finding-fun-in-crowdfunding_14