Engineering Quality Service

26 Apr 2023

It’s not just about pushing the boundaries of science and technology – it’s also about delivering quality service! That consideration helped our technologists win recognition for going the extra mile at MINDEF’s Quality Service Day on 26 April 2023.

Project Manager (Systems Management) Kurinchi D/O Pugazhendhi received the MINDEF Star Service Award for her commitment to delivering outstanding service, and her dedication is evident in her daily work. For instance, she led an effort for a holistic review to extend the shelf-life of an ammunition, which resulted in significant cost savings for the SAF. To meet operational requirements in the maritime domain, she also worked closely with industry partners to adapt an ammunition for use on RSN platforms.

Kurinchi’s work has helped the SAF operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, while keeping sustainability in mind. She said: “I’m proud to have made a positive difference. I am extremely grateful for this recognition, which would not have been possible without the support from my supervisors. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for helping me grow and excel, as well as my colleagues who have supported me in overcoming various challenges.”

Engineering Quality Service_01

Project Manager (Systems Management) Kurinchi D/O Pugazhendhi

Another winner was Senior Procurement Manager (Procurement) Teri Seah, who also received the MINDEF Star Service Award for service excellence. As a procurement professional, Teri takes pride in helping her MINDEF partners secure the best deals by streamlining the contracting process for greater efficiency. For example, she has helped the SAF reduce contracting lead times by up to three months, and helped identify a new supplier through conducting extensive market research, resulting in cost savings of up to $350,000.

“Delivering quality service through my work helps to improve our partners’ experience and satisfaction, which allows me to support their operational requirements better and foster greater trust within Singapore’s defence ecosystem,” she said.

Engineering Quality Service_02

Senior Procurement Manager (Procurement) Teri Seah

Besides the two individual winners, two DSTA teams also received the MINDEF Star Service Initiative Award. The award was given for their exemplary agency-level initiatives that have demonstrated citizen-centricity, service innovativeness, and a total organisational approach to service delivery that have led to improved service outcomes.

The SafeGuardian Team, consisting of members from DSTA and the SAF, developed the SafeGuardian mobile app, which allows servicemen to report physical, biological, and chemical hazards in military bases efficiently. Since its release in 2021, the app has reduced the average time to file a safety report from three hours to under five minutes. This has helped raise safety awareness within military camps, strengthened the SAF’s safety culture, and empowered servicemen to take greater ownership of their safety. The app’s intuitive design, seamless user experience, and effectiveness in promoting a safe culture have also been highly lauded.

“Service innovativeness is vital for meeting customer needs efficiently. The SafeGuardian app has helped bring safety solutions to their fingertips at anytime and anywhere successfully,” said Head (Safety Administration Solutions) Doreen Tor, who was also the team lead.

Engineering Quality Service_03

(From left) DSTA representatives Senior Engineer (MINDEF Digital Services) Woo Jing Cheng and Head (Safety Administration Solutions) Doreen Tor joined their SAF partners to receive the award.

For their innovative approach to promoting mass adoption of digital payments, the GovWallet team also bagged the MINDEF Star Service Initiative Award. The team comprised members from DSTA, MINDEF, the SAF, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the Government Technology Agency, the Infocomm Media Development Authority, and the Public Service Division.

A digital wallet, GovWallet provides a new platform for government agencies to disburse cash credits to Singaporeans conveniently and securely. It is integrated with LifeSG app to allow recipients to spend their credits at any online or physical merchants accepting payment through PayNow or NETS. DSTA developed a system for MINDEF and the SAF to use GovWallet to disburse NS recognition benefits, which has since successfully disbursed credits to more than 1 million national servicemen. This resulted in over 99% of the eligible national servicemen using their digital credits through LifeSG, and helped grow the number of LifeSG users by 150%.

“In the past, servicemen were given physical or digital vouchers which were limited to a list of merchants. The GovWallet initiative has enhanced the user experience significantly by providing access to a wider variety of merchants and allowing the servicemen to utilise their credits more conveniently,” explained Programme Manager (MINDEF Digital Services) Zac Tan.

Engineering Quality Service_04

Programme Director (MINDEF Digital Services) Kevin Koo (second from left) joined our MINDEF and SAF counterparts to receive the award.

This year’s MINDEF Quality Service Day also saw the launch of the first Service Advocates 100 initiative, which aims to recognise individuals who have demonstrated service excellence. Appointed as Service Advocates, they will help set positive examples by sharing knowledge and promoting awareness of the importance of quality service. At the same time, they will also support initiatives to build and strengthen a culture of quality service.

Congratulations to all our award winners and Service Advocates!

Engineering Quality Service_05

Six of our staff have been appointed as Service Advocates.