Enabling Integrated Training

17 Sep 2019

The team that delivered the Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) Simulation Centre (SIMCEN) has received the Outstanding Training System Integration Project in the MS&T Industry Simulation and Training Awards 2019.

The LMV SIMCEN – RSS Daring – leverages simulation technologies and virtual reality (VR) to put crew through challenging and realistic training. Jointly developed by RSN, DSTA and ST Engineering, it allows integrated training in combat, navigation and technical skills, while employing analytics to track and evaluate crew performance. Since its launch in September 2018, training time for the LMV crew has been reduced by up to 60%.

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One innovative feature of the LMV SIMCEN is the 360-degree screen display that provides a panoramic view for the crew operating in the LMV’s Integrated Command Centre (ICC). The screens accurately depict what the crew would see when they look out of the actual ship, under various weather and sea conditions.

The team designed the screens to wrap around the full ICC mock-up, such that all crew members can share a common immersive view of their surroundings, and train together as if they were on board the actual LMV.

Programme Manager (National Engineering) Stanley Soh explained: “The LMV’s operating concept enables closer integration, teamwork and improved operational efficiency, so we wanted this to be reflected in the way they train too.”

The team also recreated the experience of ship berthing – which is usually done by having a crew member go out to the sides of the ship to gauge the distance between the ship and the wharf – by customising and integrating VR goggles into the ICC mock-up.

To inject greater training realism, the team introduced smart Computer-Generated Forces, which simulates other ships in training scenarios, as well as an Instructor Operating Centre that enables instructors to modify training parameters and conditions.

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