Championing Excellence in Public Service

05 Jul 2023

The Public Sector Transformation (PST) Awards Ceremony on 5 July 2023 marked another momentous occasion for DSTA, as our staff proudly accepted two prestigious awards for our work and contributions to the public service.

The PST Awards aims to recognise and reward public officers and public agencies for excellence in their work and organisational practices among public officers and agencies.

230705_PST Awards_01

Director (Capability Development) Serene Heng won the Exemplary SkillsFuture Award.

One of our two winners, Director (Capability Development) Serene Heng clinched the Exemplary SkillsFuture Award for demonstrating the spirit of continuous learning and skills upgrading.

Serene is an aerospace engineer who went the extra mile to upskill as she took on new responsibilities. She transited into an Information Technology (IT)-centric role, and helped to drive the SAF’s cloud transformation journey as well as lead efforts to develop solutions in achieving the SAF’s digitalisation needs.

To do so, Serene enrolled in online and laboratory courses, and set up working groups with various subject matter experts in cybersecurity, network infrastructure and software development. Using these channels, Serene was able to equip herself with the relevant know-how for her new IT role. Given her experience in leading large-scale and complex acquisition programmes, Serene was also able to implement new ways within the team to analyse solutions and perform their job, leading to better outcomes and efficiency.

“In today's context, being receptive of new skillsets is necessary to allow one to adapt to challenges and seize opportunities. I am grateful to receive this award, which would not have been possible had DSTA not provided me with the opportunity and the mentorship,” she said.

230705_PST Awards_02

Programme Director (MINDEF Digital Services) Kevin Koo (first from right) represented DSTA to receive the award.

230705_PST Awards_03

Our staff involved in this project.

Top row, from left to right: Senior Engineer (Enterprise Digital Services) Toh Jian Feng, Principal Engineer (Enterprise Digital Services) Tan Jun Rong, Programme Manager (MINDEF Digital Services) Zac Tan, and Engineer (Enterprise Digital Services) Yeh Swee Khim.

Bottom row, from left to right: Principal Engineer (MINDEF Digital Services) Chiang Chiu Ying, Programme Director (MINDEF Digital Services) Kevin Koo, and Senior Programme Manager (MINDEF Digital Services) Mavis Poh.

The team “Disbursement of NS Recognition Credits via GovWallet and LifeSG”, involving seven DSTA staff alongside counterparts from other ministries and agencies, received the One Public Service Award for their exemplary inter-agency initiatives that have reflected a sustained and institutionalised approach to collaboration.

GovWallet is a digital wallet developed by DSTA, MINDEF, the SAF, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government Technology Agency, the Infocomm Media Development Authority and the Public Service Division to facilitate secure and convenient government related digital transactions to citizens.

The introduction of GovWallet has revolutionised the way citizens receive government vouchers, providing them with a highly efficient solution. With GovWallet integrated into existing government apps such as LifeSG, citizens no longer need to go through the hassle of redeeming hardcopy vouchers in person. Instead, they can effortlessly utilise their online credits anytime and anywhere. This seamless digital approach streamlines the process and enhances accessibility, making it a user-friendly method for citizens to manage their government related credits. DSTA engineered a technical solution to utilise GovWallet that allows MINDEF and the SAF to successfully disburse NS recognition credits to over 1 million past and present national servicemen.

The collaborative efforts amongst these agencies and ministries produced an innovative solution that supports embracing digitalisation for Singapore, thus delivering a positive impact, which led them to win their award.

"The GovWallet project shows how collaboration is key to unlocking new possibilities and driving progress. Working together with different ministries and agencies, fostered diverse perspectives and innovation that led to groundbreaking solutions that alone would be unattainable," said Programme Manager (MINDEF Digital Services) Zac Tan.

Congratulations to all award winners!