Celebrating One DSTA

02 May 2023

Held on 28 April 2023, this year’s DSTA Staff Conference saw over 2,500 staff come together both online and in-person to celebrate its people and discuss the journey ahead.


Addressing everyone, Chief Executive Mervyn Tan shared more about DSTA’s ongoing digitalisation journey, how it would build greater staff capacity to accomplish more, and how its people – DSTA’s “most important asset” – would be able to continue growing professionally.

He highlighted: “Our people are at the heart of what we do. There have been many occasions when our people really went above and beyond, and made all of us so proud.”

At the same time, he also emphasised the need for our staff to be on the constant lookout for promising and useful technologies in the market, adapt them for the SAF’s context, and integrate them into our systems to be part of the complete suite of capabilities we deliver.


The conference also included a Q&A segment, where the panel consisting of Mervyn, Deputy Chief Executive (DCE) (Operations) Roy Chan, DCE (Strategic Development) Lee Eng Hua, DCE (National Engineering) Loke Mun Kwong, DCE (Information) Gayle Chan, and Director Human Resource Chng Lay Theng engaged staff in an interactive dialogue session. Topics discussed ranged from staff welfare to daily work operations – all with the same goal of improving work and staff well-being for DSTA’s future!

staff-conference-2023_3 staff-conference-2023_4

staff-conference-2023_5 staff-conference-2023_6

The conference was also an opportunity to recognise staff for their outstanding contributions and achievements. Five individuals received the DSTA Excellence Award for their exemplary leadership, and another was recognised for his technical excellence. Four others received the DSTA Service Excellence Award for delivering consistent and excellent quality service.


Head Capability Development (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) Bryan Ng dedicated his DSTA Excellence Award for exemplary leadership to his teammates. He said: “Leadership is not a quality of the individual but a quality of the team. This award is a recognition of our team’s camaraderie and effort, and belongs equally to every member.”

Head Engineering (Core Technology Development) Stephen Lee was equally honoured by his DSTA Excellence Award for technical excellence. He added: “Honing one’s skill is not just about learning but also about putting what you have learnt into practice. Being able to contribute to the greater good for Singapore, work with great colleagues, and tackle interesting and complex problems at DSTA have really helped me grow in my area of specialisation.”

Senior Manager (Procurement) Dora Peh was grateful for her DSTA Service Excellence award. She shared: “I would like to thank my colleagues and supervisors for spurring me on and being models of excellence in the work they do. Without them, winning this award would not have been possible.”