Building Sustainability

09 Jul 2020

We don’t just love tech; we love green tech too! The team behind the A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) hangar, the SAF’s first net positive energy building, shares how their green engineering innovations bagged the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark Platinum (Positive Energy) Award.

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200709_Building Sustainability_02

A net positive energy building is one that generates more power than it consumes. When the team embarked on the project, the main goal was to adopt and incorporate as many sustainable engineering practices as possible.

That called for a multi-disciplinary team comprising an architect and engineers who specialise in various domains, including civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

“We were able to leverage our various expertise and synergise our ideas to optimise various aspects of the hangar’s design to go green as much as possible,” said Senior Engineer (Building and Infrastructure) Jolene Chung.

Senior Programme Manager (Building and Infrastructure) Soh Tian Boon, who headed the team, believed that their willingness to explore new ideas and tap opportunities was key to the project’s success.

“Going out of our comfort zones to make sure that no stones were left unturned helped us to grow individually and as a team. I’m glad that we achieved the Green Mark Platinum (Positive Energy) Award and that the team’s efforts have been recognised,” he said.

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