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01 Sep 2023

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Women get the job done!

For her achievements in the tech industry, Director Digital Hub Ho Shuet Ying has clinched a spot on the ‘Singapore 100 Women in Tech 2023’ list. The list recognises and celebrates women who have been inspiring and have made significant contributions to Singapore’s technology sector.

In her current role, Shuet Ying is at the forefront of a number of digital technology areas, from artificial intelligence (AI), modelling and simulation, development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) and software engineering, to design innovation and user experience.

She steers the experimentation and development roadmap for AI, and modelling and simulation. She also leads the DevSecOps and software engineering teams to deliver cutting-edge technologies in software development in an agile manner. The list doesn’t end there! Her design innovation and user experience teams work closely with project teams to adopt a user-centric approach to problem solving to ideate and create innovation solutions.

“My work allows me to work with the latest digital technologies and leverage on that to deliver innovation solutions. I am energised from having the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded colleagues who are all technology enthusiasts. It gives me great pleasure to be able to come to work and learn something new every day,” she said.

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Shuet Ying’s journey started in 2000, when she joined DSTA as a network engineer, mainly focusing on cybersecurity for IT and computer systems. Her scope later expanded to system and software cybersecurity, and vulnerability assessment.

“In system and software cybersecurity, we look at how systems and software are designed to identify cybersecurity weaknesses and recommend means to close the gaps. Vulnerability assessment is a process in which we use various techniques and tools to scan and analyse the software for possible misconfigurations, software vulnerabilities and security gaps,” she shared.

Her tenacity and penchant for challenges led her to take up a variety of appointments, including a brief stint in managing defence collaboration in 2008. When she returned to the field of cybersecurity in 2010, she expanded the coverage beyond computer systems to SAF operational systems, where she provided solutions to protect critical infrastructure, like communication systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, from cyber-attacks. She assumed the role of Director Digital Strategy Office in 2020, and took on the concurrent appointment as Director Digital Hub in 2021.

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Shuet Ying (front row, second from right) with the Digital Hub team at a team bonding event.

Shuet Ying and team

Shuet Ying (front row, first from left) with members of the Digital Hub team at a team bonding event.

Beyond protecting our cyber space, Shuet Ying strongly believes in guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

She shares: “To me, leadership is so much more than leading a team to deliver outcomes and deliverables. A leader brings together a diverse group of people, cares for them, and creates shared purpose and meaning in their work. When staff tell me that they have grown and learnt from being in my team, that always makes my day!”

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Shuet Ying (middle, front row) with her team of engineers from Digital Hub.

On what advice she’d give to women aspiring to thrive in the dynamic tech landscape, Shuet Ying shares: “The key is to have an open mind to embrace new opportunities, a commitment to continuous learning, and hard work and determination. Last but not least, having strong support systems both within the workplace and at home will empower women to effectively navigate their work responsibilities while boldly chasing their career aspirations.”

Congrats to Shuet Ying on her win! Read more here.