A Day in the Life of an Air Systems Engineer

03 Jan 2023

A Day in the Life_1


Name: Lee Jun Jie

Job: Senior Engineer (Air Systems)

Qualifications: Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), 2020

7:00 AM

I usually start my day with a light workout, either a short jog or some static exercises, for a boost of energy. This keeps me alert throughout the day and gives me a sense of accomplishment from the get-go. While DSTA currently adopts a hybrid work arrangement, I still prefer communicating and interacting with my colleagues in the office. I make use of the commute to read up on interesting articles such as the latest defence and global political news.

8:30 AM

I head to the DSTA Cafeteria with colleagues to grab a quick breakfast. With a variety of food ranging from vegetarian to western, it is a great place to fuel up for the day. Back at my desk, I start by checking on the status of pending tasks and creating a to-do list for the day ahead. This helps to keep me organised, prioritise my work and ensure I don’t miss out on anything important.

As part of the team overseeing the F-16 fighter jet upgrade programme, I work closely with the RSAF and industry partners to equip the aircraft with enhanced features and ensure that it performs well under different operational scenarios. This includes conducting various flight trials on site at air bases and brainstorming ideas with my team to address any technical issues that may arise. Given how technological advancement in the aviation field is ever-changing, DSTA’s role as overall programme manager and systems integrator is crucial in delivering such advanced capabilities to the RSAF.

12:00 PM

Occasionally during my lunch breaks, I try to fit in a trip to the gym. I don’t have to go far since DSTA has one located conveniently within its complex equipped with a range of equipment, which makes having an active and healthy lifestyle very convenient. On other days when I do go out for lunch with my colleagues, we take the opportunity to catch up on one another’s lives and share our personal experiences, such as the overseas trips we’ve taken. It is always refreshing to hear the various perspectives and experiences that everyone has to offer, as they come from different backgrounds and age groups.

1:00 PM

After lunch, my team usually gets together to discuss our work progress and raise any issues we might be facing. We leverage our expertise across various domains to come up with solutions together, which is useful since the upgrade programme is quite a complex undertaking. On some days, I might head out for discussions with our industry partners to check on the upgrade progress or be at air bases to oversee the flight trials.

6:00 PM

After a day of work, I head back home and usually end my day with a movie.

Sometimes, I take the opportunity to reflect on the day’s work and how far I have come. I recall getting the opportunity to support an aircraft ground testing project with the F-16 early in my career. It was exciting to have such a close-up experience with an operational aircraft! Since then, I’ve learned so much from my colleagues and it is safe to say that I still have much more to explore.

I’m grateful to play a part in Singapore’s defence and hope to continue supporting the development of our nation’s defence capabilities. It always makes me proud seeing our F-16s fly high during the National Day Parade, as they remind me of the important work that I do.

This article was first published in gradsingapore.com. Read the publication here.