Inspiring Future Technologists
17 Mar 2022

It’s a wrap! Held from 10 to 12 March 2022, the DSTA Scholarship Tea Session saw over 150 participants tune in to learn more about the exciting opportunities available in the defence science and technology sector through the DSTA Scholarship.

For those who missed it, fret not because we’ve captured the highlights below.

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_1

The virtual event included a microsite featuring specially curated content about the work we do and the advanced technologies we leverage to strengthen Singapore’s national defence and security.

This included videos of project demonstrations and catchy infographics which introduced them to Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies used in our work. From artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, to cloud computing and many more, the microsite underscored the wide variety of work we engage in.

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_2

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_3

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_4

What’s more, the students also heard behind-the-scenes scoops from our engineers and developers about their projects through special features, and learnt more about their experiences in exploiting such technologies.

The tea session culminated in a live webinar, where students engaged our staff to find out more about the scholarship.

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_5

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_6

From left: Principal Engineer (Cybersecurity) Ronald Lai, Senior Engineer (Advanced Systems) Goh Yi Le, and Principal Engineer (Information) Lawrence Thien.

Our scholars took to the virtual platform to share their personal stories on their various technical domains ranging from digital technology and cybersecurity, and how the DSTA Scholarship offered them eye-opening experiences through their studies and internships. They also spoke about how the DSTA Scholarship paved the way for their meaningful careers in defence science and technology today.

DSTA Scholarship Tea Sesson_7

The DSTA Scholarship provides opportunities to grow and excel in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Pursue your passion with us and apply here today! Application closes on 25 April 2022.