Honouring Defence Excellence and Innovation
25 Oct 2019

A team and two individuals from DSTA were among the recipients of this year’s Defence Technology Prize (DTP). They were honoured for their outstanding contributions to defence technology at an official ceremony held in DSTA on 25 October 2019.

In his address, Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen highlighted the progress made by Singapore’s Defence Technology Community (DTC) as well as the need to deepen the partnership between the community and the SAF in light of an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Commending the DTC’s contributions, Dr Ng also remarked that the community “has helped catapult the SAF to the front ranks of a modernised professional military, with a wide spectrum of capabilities”.

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These include building up Singapore’s strategic submarine capabilities. From the Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) first Challenger-class submarines to the subsequent Archer-class and Invincible-class submarines, Director Naval Systems Ong Li Koon has been instrumental in every submarine programme for the Service since joining DSTA. For his key role in enhancing the RSN’s ability to protect Singapore’s waters, Li Koon was presented with the DTP Individual (Engineering) Award.

Additionally, Head Engineering (Protective Systems Engineering) Dr Karen Chong from Building and Infrastructure Programme Centre was awarded the DTP Individual (R&D) Award in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of Singapore’s protective systems engineering capabilities. Her pioneering work in the areas of explosive testing and modelling/analysis of blast effects has enhanced the protection of key defence infrastructures.

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Director Naval Systems Ong Li Koon (left) and Head Engineering (Protective Systems Engineering) Dr Karen Chong (right) with Dr Ng and Chief Defence Scientist Quek Gim Pew

The Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Team, comprising members from DSTA, Singapore Army and ST Engineering, clinched the DTP Team (Engineering) Award for designing and developing the Army’s first fully digitalised fighting platform. The team adopted new design approaches to incorporate latest technologies and operational concepts for the Hunter AFV. For example, model-based systems engineering and design innovation were used extensively to design the first-of-its-kind Integrated Combat Cockpit, which would enable the Hunter AFV’s crew to collaborate effectively with one another and engage targets rapidly.

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Hunter AFV Team

Furthermore, the team established an open and modular vehicle electronic architecture to facilitate the insertion of future technologies. The Systems Integration Labs were also set up for progressive systems validation and to allow users to experiment with new workflows and operating concepts.

“The HUNTER epitomises the hard work and contributions by the Army, DSTA and ST Engineering. Having our locally developed HUNTER gives us confidence for the future as we continue to push boundaries to deliver capabilities that will safeguard Singapore for years to come,” said Programme Director (Land Systems) William Peh.

Following the award ceremony, the DTP winners also took the opportunity to share more about their work and project innovations with Dr Ng.

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