Engineering a Passion for Defence Tech
20 Dec 2021

Ever wondered what it’s like working in the Defence Technology Community (DTC)? What does it mean to work with cutting-edge tech and contribute to national defence at the same time?

For about 130 students and their parents who attended the DSTA Scholarship Tea Session, those were questions they no longer had ponder over! Held from 9 to 11 December 2021, the virtual event gave them exclusive insights into the work that we do and even the personal stories of engineers from the DTC.

Scholarship Tea Session Group Photo

The virtual platform provided the participants with many exclusive insights into DSTA’s work.

The virtual platform included a showcase of various engineering and digital projects, such as cybersecurity vulnerability demonstrations, edge cameras enabled by artificial intelligence for security surveillance, cloud technology, 5G and the Internet of Things.

The showcase culminated in a series of webinars where engineers shed more light on the myriad of career paths and opportunities in defence technology. They talked about their personal experiences during their scholarship journeys, the advanced technologies they have leveraged for their work, as well as the exciting career opportunities that lay ahead.

We spoke with one of the engineers (and an engineer-to-be!) at the webinars to learn more!

Low Fang Ming

Low Fang Ming

Electrical Engineering student at NUS, recently completed her Industrial Attachment with DSTA

How has your experience been?

My time with DSTA has been really fruitful and enjoyable. I was able to intern at two different DSTA Programme Centres and work on two completely different projects, both of which have allowed me to learn beyond the school curriculum. I was also able to have many meaningful interactions with my fellow scholars and DSTA mentors, many of whom are still my close friends today!

What made you choose DSTA?

I’ve always had a strong passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related fields. I also wanted a meaningful job where I could contribute directly to Singapore’s defence. Putting those two together, DSTA became my obvious first choice. The opportunities offered by the scholarship, such as the Global Internship Programme and the chance to further my studies beyond a bachelor’s degree, were also very attractive.

So I took up an internship with DSTA to find out more about its work and culture. I really enjoyed my time there and felt like I would be a good fit for the company, which made me even more determined to take up the DSTA Scholarship.

Any interesting memories with DSTA?

If you couldn’t tell, I’m one of the faces on DSTA’s Scholarship brochure! When I saw the ad appear on billboards right outside my alma mater and several other schools, it felt so surreal and my parents and friends were all very excited for me. I am very honoured to be chosen, and I would like to thank DSTA sincerely for that.

Any words of advice to students interested in applying for the DSTA Scholarship?

Take up an internship to learn more about DSTA! I enjoyed my internship experience very much, and that cemented my decision to join the DSTA family!

Nicky Lim

Senior Engineer (Cybersecurity)
Nicky Lim

What got you interested in defence?

During my school days, I had the chance to visit a Singapore Armoured Regiment as part of Total Defence Day, and I was really impressed by the military technology on display. I’ve also always been very interested in technology, and that visit sparked my interest in a career in Singapore’s defence technology community.

After attending a DSTA Scholarship Tea Session myself, I found out about the DSTA Scholarship and career opportunities available, and I knew that this was the path for me.

Tell us more about your work!

I am part of the vulnerability analysis team in DSTA’s Cybersecurity Programme Centre, where we perform security vetting of critical systems in DSTA and MINDEF to assess the systems’ assurance against cyberattacks.

Since joining DSTA, I’ve had many opportunities to attend numerous courses and participate in several research projects spanning a variety of topics such as hardware security, telecommunication technologies, red teaming and systems engineering management. We are encouraged to keep building our competencies to ensure that we stay relevant and keep abreast of the latest industry trends and advancements.

Any advice to students preparing to apply for the DSTA Scholarship?

If you have a passion for defence technology, then go for it! Having true passion in your area of study will help you achieve mastery and maintain technical excellence in your career ahead.