Engineering a Career with Purpose
17 Dec 2018

Over 50 students visited DSTA on 11 December 2018 to learn how they could pursue their passion in science and technology through the Public Service Commission Scholarship (Engineering) – Defence and Security.

Welcoming the students from various junior colleges, integrated programme schools and polytechnics, Chief Executive Tan Peng Yam introduced what aspiring defence engineers could look forward to at DSTA and explained why defence technology is critical in safeguarding Singapore. He also cited several projects which harness technology to help the SAF punch above its weight.

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The students dived deeper into some of the technologies behind the innovative projects, including unmanned aerial vehicles, cyber defence solutions, and command and control systems. They also heard how applying data analytics could draw new insights and enable better management of the SAF’s systems.

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The visit was also a chance for the students to meet our engineers, who were happy to share what they enjoyed about working at DSTA: the friendly working culture, opportunities to learn and explore the latest technologies, and a shared sense of purpose and passion.

“The session gave us a very good macro overview of the defence tech industry, but also provided specific examples at the ground level. The drone demo was really interesting and very interactive,” said Paul Loh from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

Temasek Polytechnic student Shanmugam Surya was also inspired by the session. He said: “I’ve always wanted to use my passion for science, technology and engineering to contribute to Singapore. I intend to work in Singapore’s defence industry in the future and I am glad to learn more about DSTA’s role in it.”