DSTA Turns 22
15 Mar 2022

We’re feeling 22 – still young and raring to go!

15 March marks the day DSTA first came into being 22 years ago. To celebrate this milestone, we found some peeps who have a special affinity with our birthday to share the little things that make DSTA and what they appreciate about being part of the family.

Tan Ming Sheng
22 days with DSTA
Senior Engineer (Enterprise IT) Tan Ming Sheng

How has the first 22 days been like for you?

Ming Sheng: It has been fantastic! Not only did I get to know more about DSTA, the people I’ve met here are really passionate and willing to share their knowledge, which inspires me to learn from them and become better myself.

My work buddy Benjamin is like a big brother to me, ensuring that I have all the resources and support I need to settle into my new role. He is always there to provide guidance and answer any questions I have. Thank you, Benjamin!

Sim Wei Zhou
22 weeks with DSTA
Senior Engineer (Cybersecurity) Sim Wei Zhou

What has stood out most for you in your time here?

Wei Zhou: The mutual trust and teamwork among colleagues. Collaboration is a big part of what we do, but what really shines through is the willingness to band together to solve challenges and achieve goals as a team. It's wonderful to know that your colleagues have your back, and I have theirs too!

Choy Wei Jie
22 months with DSTA
Senior Engineer (InfoComm Infrastructure) Choy Wei Jie

How you have grown with us?

Wei Jie: I've been given many opportunities to level up in just 22 months! Through the multitude of courses and workshops I’ve attended, I've been able to build my skills and stay on top of emerging tech trends. DSTA’s emphasis on continuous learning really strikes a chord with me.

I'm constantly picking up new knowledge every day. My colleagues have been a huge source of support and encouragement, which makes it an enjoyable process!

Henri Wong
22 years with DSTA
Assistant Director (HR Management) Henri Wong

22 years is such a long time! What made you stay on with us?

Henri: There’s never a boring moment as we are constantly pushing the boundaries in what we do. We are able to contribute in many ways to make an impact on our nation’s defence, which I find really meaningful.

Shermine Chua
22 years old
Engineer (Information) Shermine Chua

You might be one of our youngest technologists! What attracted you to DSTA?

Shermine: Being able to go behind-the-scenes and see first-hand how threats are defended in the digital domain is very exciting for me. On top of that, I’ve always wanted to work with like-minded people who are committed to using tech for a higher purpose – to protect our loved ones and this nation we call home.

Happy 22nd birthday DSTA! Here’s to many more awesome years ahead!