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Christmas is a time to share and give warmth to others. For DSTA, it is also a time to spread the festive spirit and love to others in the community. Assistant Executive (Shared Services) Teo Li Juan, who coordinated DSTA staff contributions to the Boys Brigade Share-a-Gift project, shares her participation in this meaningful effort.

This December, DSTA staff played the role of Santa Claus by granting the wishes of beneficiaries from voluntary welfare organisations under the Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift project.

In total, DSTA staff fulfilled 287 wishes for the elderly and children from Sunshine Welfare Action Mission and Singapore Children's Society (Research and Outreach) by reaching out to them with gifts and messages of encouragement, love and support. DSTA's contribution was a combined effort from many, and one of them was Project Manager (Naval Systems) Alvin Bui, who said that he found out about the Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift project from a colleague. While scanning through the list of wishes of the elderly, he saw that many of their wishes were simple and could be granted easily. They included requests for items such as t-shirts, shoes, pillows and bed sheets. Alvin said: "The Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift project provides us with an avenue to contribute to society and serves as a reminder not to take things for granted."

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Taking on the role of coordinator for DSTA's contributions was a fulfilling experience for me too. When delivering the gifts to the various welfare organisations, I saw how these acts of kindness meant a lot to many of the recipients, which include children, the elderly and the infirm.

This is the 27th year that DSTA has participated in the annual Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift project, and I hope that we will continue to fulfil wishes for the less fortunate in the years to come. Until next year!