Gaming for Victory

Gamers alert! Did you know that gaming technologies are not just limited to your favourite video games, but can also be applied to other things like physiotherapy exercises, theory learning, and even naval warfare tactics training?

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Jointly developed by our technologists, the RSN, and a local video game developer, Admiral’s Battlegrounds is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena naval warfare game that incorporates the best of esports gaming for naval warfare tactical training.

Gaming for Victory 03

Gaming for Victory 03

While gamified learning has been gaining momentum over the years, the idea of combining esports with naval training was something new. With esports known for its tight-knit community, teamwork, coordination, and communication among the players, the team saw the opportunity to tap the competitive but cohesive spirit to enhance the way the RSN trains.

Before a game starts, players have to strategise with their teammates about the assets to deploy, the tactics to use, and the routes and actions to take in order to fulfil their mission objectives.

The benefits of the game become apparent quickly: new naval officers get to translate theoretical concepts into game strategies, and try out different tactics and manoeuvres. At the same time, experienced naval crew such as naval officers or military experts can form teams to level up their skills in tournaments, and learn the best tactics from one another.

“To ensure that the game concepts included would be representative of esports, we studied and identified relevant ship systems that had tactical play value such as radar behaviour and mine clearing, and simulated them in the game,” said Senior Engineer (Simulations & Training Systems Hub) Ng Jun Ren. He added that the team also interviewed esports professionals, competition organisers and gamers to better develop the game.

Just like any game development and as part of the team’s iterative development approach, the game underwent several phases such as alpha and beta builds before its eventual release. The builds were tested with actual gaming sessions, which the team complemented by quantifying various game features and parameters such as ship speed and abilities for RSN testers to tweak and provide feedback on for refinement.

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Senior Engineer (Digital Hub) Low Bowen said: “Through the project, we managed to advance the novel concept of esports within the defence ecosystem, and we hope it’s something that will make training more immersive, fun and effective.”