Accelerating Learning

“Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our commitment to lifelong learning drives us to help staff build up technical competencies through comprehensive training and meaningful learning opportunities. Our very own DSTA Academy, a setup to drive learning and the sharing of knowledge, is the epitome of that commitment.

To kickstart their fulfilling and meaningful careers, new hires first dip their toes in a specially curated foundation course. The course provides them with deeper insights into DSTA, our shared values, and helps them foster stronger bonds with colleagues for future collaboration.

Our training is designed to be flexible, timely and on-demand to meet diverse training needs and the rapid pace of technological change. We have put in place structured training programmes, including a series of milestone courses, practitioner tracks and electives. These in-house courses are delivered by our subject matter experts and experienced programme managers, as well as partners from MINDEF and the SAF. To further enhance learning, we are working to equip staff with a personalised learning portal with convenient access to courses and information resources.

Academy Accelerating Learning 01 Academy Accelerating Learning 02
Our staff attend a variety of courses and workshops to stay abreast with the latest tech and pick up new skills.

The programmes help to build up core systems engineering and project management competencies, as well as relevant technical knowledge to enable staff to contribute effectively to their projects. Training curriculum is refreshed regularly to include new content such as the latest digital trends and emerging technologies. Staff can accelerate their learning based on their needs and progress, and be eligible for Project/Programme Manager appointments upon completion of the Systems Engineering and Management programme.

Head Course Development (DSTA Academy) Kwok Yoong Fui explained: “We help young engineers establish the foundations of systems engineering and project management as they embark on their journey to achieve technical competency in various project roles.”

Expanding our range of learning opportunities, we build up staff’s technical knowledge in emerging areas through external courses with institutes of higher learning and industry partners. The topics range from artificial intelligence and data analytics, to cloud technologies, procurement and leadership development. This enables our staff to take on new challenges and varied roles as they progress in their careers.

To promote knowledge sharing, we organise the DSTA Lecture Series and DSTA Academy Technology Talks. Eminent speakers and tech leaders, both international and local, are invited to share their thoughts and experiences on topics such as leadership, innovation, organisational change management and tech adoption. Staff are also encouraged to drive discussions among colleagues through the Lunchtime Tech Talk series, where they highlight the latest technology advancements in their fields of work.

“We wanted to provide additional platforms to enhance knowledge sharing, and encourage everyone to talk about their work to cross-pollinate ideas. Through these, they can also explore opportunities to engage thought leaders and fellow colleagues in their field of work,” said Deputy Director (DSTA Academy) Quek Bee Tin.

Academy Accelerating Learning 03 Academy Accelerating Learning 04
Our staff highlight the latest advancements in their fields of work at Lunchtime Tech Talks, and prominent tech leaders such as IBM Fellow Dr John Maxwell Cohn are invited to share their knowledge at DSTA Lectures.

Our innovations and engineering work are also shared with the wider defence and tech community through articles published in professional journals such as DSTA Horizons.

And let’s not forget that learning is a two-way street! Our dedicated staff lecturers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and bringing the best out of their students too. Check out what they have to say!