It’s not how well one can paint. For the 70-odd group in Systems Management, it was the time spent with the residents and the smiles on the residents’ faces at the Surya Home that made them forget how dirty their clothes were and how tiring the day was. DSTA volunteers arrived at the Surya Home in Buangkok with an aim in mind – to spruce up the home with a new coat of paint. Most members had neither opportunity nor experience in painting walls and pillars, but it was the thought that counted.

Clearing up moss, grime, lizard droppings and ants from walls and pillars would definitely draw squirms on a normal day but this was all simply part of the day’s undertakings that DSTA volunteers had no qualms embracing. There was perspiration even before the painting began, as they scraped the peeling paint off the walls and pillars.

Dining tables were also spruced up. It was time-consuming and labour-intensive work and all volunteers chipped in to complete the tasks at hand. It was all worth it in the end, and it was truly DSTA teamwork that brought smiles to the residents of Surya Home.