DSTA has been a close partner of the Police Coast Guard (PCG) in maritime security for many years. Generations of Command, Control and Communications (C3) systems have been implemented for the PCG, and continue to be refreshed with new technology and capabilities to address the changing maritime threat environment.

This includes an enhanced C3 and surveillance system, which has adopted a phased delivery approach. The system provides the PCG with a comprehensive maritime situational picture for better coverage and incident management. The integrated system suite, comprising a C3 subsystem developed in-house by DSTA and multiple high-performance sensors, provide comprehensive and persistent surveillance coverage. The initial capability has been rolled out with further enhancements ongoing in a phased delivery approach.

Senior Programme Manager Lew Ee Kent said: “The team comprises engineers from diverse backgrounds including radar, electro-optics, data fusion, network infrastructure and cybersecurity. We worked with the PCG closely to achieve these capabilities. The enhanced C3 and surveillance system incorporates a multi-sensor tracker with a fusion engine that processes more sensor loads at a faster speed, and offers an enhanced maritime situational awareness. In addition, it provides improved coverage for surveillance and detection of threats in our territorial waters.”