The Crisis Information Management System (CIMS) is a key enabler of DSTA’s Command, Control and Communications (C3) strategy to deliver a Whole-of-Government response capability for the Public Service. CIMS provides an integrated awareness and common collaboration workspace for crisis and incident management. Initiated as a tech-push, CIMS was rolled out as a minimum viable product (MVP), with DSTA conducting a series of demonstrations to several ministries and agencies. The Ministry of Home Affairs was the first to validate the concept of CIMS. In parallel, the team also contextualised CIMS into a command post setting by conceiving an Integrated Operations Centre for the SAF. An inter-agency committee has since been set up to continue to chart and proliferate such capabilities to other government agencies.

Head Capability Development (WOG C3) Syn Peck Khay said: “We had to engage many stakeholders to deliver this capability. Adopting the design innovation methodology, we formed an agile team of designers, developers and users to conduct sprints every few weeks. This allowed us to capture system needs effectively to roll out MVPs quickly to end users.”

Principal Systems Architect (WOG C3) Julian Chow added: “CIMS is all about connecting the right people and exploiting the right information across multiple agencies. We did not have any reference in the development of the system. But the MVP had certainly helped in expanding the mindshare through a series of demonstrations to the public agencies. It also aligned everyone to work towards the common vision of CIMS.”