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To boost the combat effectiveness of the RSN’s Landing Ships Tank (LST), DSTA upgraded and integrated several shipboard combat systems with the legacy systems on board the LSTs as part of the LST Upgrade Programme.

The team refreshed the communications and networking systems to improve the Commander’s situational awareness and mission execution capabilities. As part of the upgraded Integrated Communications System (ICS), the team introduced enhancements which include easy access to communications services over a network terminal that provides point-to-point intercom and conferencing capabilities. Communications systems such as onboard telephones, satellite communications, radios and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System were integrated. The improved ICS helps the RSN to realise a secure and unified IP platform that provides a single and integrated point of communications access for overall operational effectiveness.

In addition, DSTA also replaced the ship’s electro-optics systems with high definition video imagery capabilities, allowing the RSN to spot and observe targets that are further away, with better clarity both in the day and at night. Coupled with the LST’s gunnery fire control suite which enhances target acquisition, this modernised combat suite allows the LST to engage both surface and air targets quickly and accurately.