DSTA delivered RSS Valour, the final upgraded Missile Corvette (MCV) to the RSN in September 2013. The upgraded MCVs are now equipped with enhanced and persistent surveillance capabilities to ‘see further’. They are fitted with a modern and customised Combat Management System to help the Combat Information Centre team make faster and more effective decisions.

In delivering this upgrade, the DSTA team worked within the constraints of the existing platform and overcame challenges of limited ship capacities such as the lack of space on board. An example is the integration of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) launcher at the aft deck. As the launching clearance for the UAV overlaps with the safety clearance area of the nearby missile launchers, the team conceptualised and delivered an innovative turntable to mount the UAV launcher. When rotated, the UAV launching clearance is achieved, and when kept, the missile clearances are maintained. 

Paying close attention to detail, the team continuously sought process efficiency and improved task productivity to enable a high trial success rate. The team thus completed the upgrade programme ahead of schedule, enabling the squadron of upgraded MCVs to  be operationalised much earlier than planned.