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Commissioned in the 1990s, the Missile Corvettes (MCV) have served as the principal strike craft of the RSN. To support the SAF’s transformation, DSTA undertook the task of upgrading the MCV with a new suite of combat capabilities.

One of the key features of this upgrade is the unprecedented integration of the ScanEagle UAV system onto the MCV. The UAV was initially designed to be used on land. In its original form, the UAV is too large for the MCV. DSTA thus came up with the innovative idea of fitting the UAV launcher on a turn-table, allowing the UAV to be launched at optimal angles while maintaining sufficient clearance from nearby weapons when it is not in use.

The team also customised a Combat Management System (CMS) for the MCV, enhancing the Combat Information Centre workflow as a result. To improve operational efficiency, DSTA mounted the CMS onto the Commanding Officer’s chair, enabling him to access key information at a touch.

The upgraded MCVs have since demonstrated their operational capabilities in numerous exercises, such as the joint live-firing exercise with the United States Navy in July 2012.