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DSTA was engaged to manage the development of the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) Advanced Command, Control and Communications Emergency System (ACES). This is in support of SCDF’s efforts to enhance its capabilities in managing emergency calls and ground operations for the next decade.

Commissioned in November 2013, ACES is a mission-critical system for SCDF to perform its role in saving lives and properties. To ensure that ACES is robust and meets the high availability requirement, the DSTA team designed and developed thousands of test cases to validate the different operational, functional and failure scenarios of the system.

ACES has introduced to SCDF multiple new capabilities in its operations centre and emergency vehicles, including Mobile Video Cameras (MVC), the integrated Video Management System (VMS), as well as messaging services, multimedia messaging services and 3G video calls.

The MVCs provide the SCDF Operations Centre with valuable first-hand information about the ground situation, allowing SCDF to respond to situations in a timelier manner. When the emergency vehicle is on the move, the MVCs also serve as a navigation recorder to record any incident.

The team incorporated into the design of the command and control (C2) application a geographic information system that allows operators to search, launch, control and record closed circuit television feeds from the map display. The team then conceptualised and integrated the VMS into the C2 application to enhance the situational awareness of personnel at the SCDF Operations Centre and the first responders.

For the VMS to transmit videos over the Wide Area Network efficiently, the team designed the VMS to compress video streams and reduce the bandwidth requirement. As bandwidth requirement is reduced, SCDF reaped significant cost savings in the monthly broadband subscription fees.


To further enhance SCDF’s incident response time, ACES also includes automated text-to-speech broadcast of despatch information at the fire station, vehicle route recommendation based on live traffic data from the Land Transport Authority and navigation software on board the emergency vehicle.