DSTA has been working closely with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to develop, manage and upgrade various command and control (C2) related systems to enhance its operational effectiveness. In 2012, DSTA helped SCDF to put in place a comprehensive system maintenance framework to ensure that these systems are properly supported and constantly upgraded with enhancements. This is also to ensure that these SCDF systems remain relevant and effective.

In major incidents handled by SCDF, such as the Bukom fire in 2012, SCDF used the Crisis Information Management System (CIMS) to monitor and manage critical information. DSTA had developed CIMS in 2003. It won SCDF the Intelligent Enterprise Asia Award. In 2012, SCDF and DSTA embarked on a review to define the next generation of the CIMS to meet the operational challenges of the 21st century. DSTA is also supporting SCDF in developing the next generation of the 995-Emergency Call System. Other C2-related systems developed by DSTA in the past included the Enterprise Geographical Information System to store and share geospatial data in SCDF, as well as an Enterprise Information Broker to facilitate the electronic exchange of data among SCDF’s various C2 systems.