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DSTA has delivered the Island Air Defence Training System (IADTS), integrating a simulated environment into the RSAF’s actual operating consoles.

The IADTS’ simulated environment mirrors the actual IAD network of systems – comprising weapon training systems, sensor training systems, as well as command and control training systems. The training systems co-share operational consoles to enhance the training realism for air defence operators.

The IADTS was designed based on open and international standards for its subsystems to interface with one another easily. This allows any system in the IADTS to be networked together to create different training scenarios. It also creates flexibility for the IADTS to add new training systems into its simulated environment in the future.

In addition, the IADTS incorporates an instructor supervision system devised by DSTA to give instructors a bird’s eye view of the training systems and how trainees are performing. Instructors can also execute training scenarios through a scenario generator in the instructor supervision system, which allows them to create simulated air threats and customise how they behave.

With the IADTS, the RSAF is equipped with a training system that can be easily customised to simulate different air defence situations and train operators to respond in a coordinated, efficient and effective manner.