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To provide the Singapore Army’s motorised infantry battalion with large calibre fire support capabilities, DSTA managed the delivery of the Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle’s Mortar Variant in close collaboration with the Army and ST Engineering.

The Belrex Mortar Variant features a 120mm Advanced Mortar System that is integrated with the SAF’s Battlefield Management System – a command and control system – to enhance the motorised infantry’s networked fighting capability. This integration of weapon and platform enhances shoot-and-scoot operations, mobility and soldier survivability.

Compared to the previous infantry mortar, the Belrex Mortar Variant requires less manpower and deployment time. Additionally, a higher rate of fire is enabled through an Ammo Loading System. The Belrex Mortar Variant is designed to interoperate with the Mortar Ammunition Carrier Variant to speed up ammunition replenishment during operations. The Fire Control System brings about enhanced user experience through its touchscreen man-machine interface with intuitive controls.

To enable reduced deployment time for shoot-and-scoot operations, the DSTA team drove the platform and weapon system design to allow full on-board operations. For better user experience, the team leveraged the design innovation approach, engaging the Singapore Artillery for inputs based on its operational experience with large calibre guns and mortar systems. Tapping workflow process maps, 3D models and physical mock-ups, the team conducted space studies and trials to allow soldiers to better visualise the vehicle and its internal layout of systems. This facilitated discussions to shape the final design and derive the optimal layout for quick deployment and leaner manning.