As the SAF continues its transition to a Third Generation fighting force, DSTA developed a suite of Third Generation command, control, communications and computers (C4) capabilities to support a full spectrum of operations. New C4 capabilities delivered include the Wide Area Communications (WAC) system, as well as the Command and Control Information Systems (CCIS).

DSTA harnessed advanced and integrated communications technology coupled with high bandwidth data capability, and built systems that can be deployed rapidly in tough operating conditions. Designed for implementation without the need for pre-existing infrastructure, the Army Division CCIS enables enhanced situational awareness and effective command and control among command headquarters, while the WAC enables communication between command headquarters and their forces on the battlefield.

Besides leveraging technological advances to develop new and sophisticated C4 capabilities for the SAF, the team continually explored ways to improve operational efficiency. One of the key challenges was the need to set up the C4 system within a short time. The DSTA team thus adopted virtualisation of the CCIS servers, which allowed for the consolidation of server resources, resulting in a reduction of hardware equipment needed. This led to better efficiency in managing the systems and shorter set-up time.

The delivery of the new C4 system has contributed to the SAF’s transformation into a networked-enabled and knowledge-based armed force.