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DSTA partnered the Singapore Army to develop a mobile perimeter defence solution centred on a command and control (C2) system and remote sense-shoot architecture, to provide persistent surveillance and quick response to coastal threats.

The C2 system was developed by DSTA to incorporate an open and scalable system architecture to allow flexibility in integrating with multiple sensors and shooters. Leveraging the SAF’s new Unmanned Watch Towers as the sensor, and the in-service remote controlled weapon station as the shooter, the team embarked on integrating and validating the remote sense-shoot capability for coastal defence. To alleviate the workload of the operators, the sensor is augmented with video analytics to auto-detect, track and alert users of potential maritime threats.

The sensor-C2-shooter capability has since been demonstrated, transforming surveillance and response operations for the SAF. It has reduced manpower demands and maximised the use of manpower resources.

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