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I-Net provides a platform for MINDEF and SAF users to access the internet and the Defence Mail email system to communicate with external parties. DSTA refreshed and enhanced the I-Net user account management and messaging systems to improve user experience and overall security.

To allow the MINDEF Helpdesk and DSTA system administrators to perform user account management more securely and efficiently for the large I-Net user population, DSTA designed and implemented a new identity management system for I-Net. This new system synchronises with the Enterprise-Human Resource system automatically so that the creation and closure of I-Net accounts are automated.

The team also implemented a self-service portal that allows users to self-activate their I-Net accounts and self-reset passwords. As an additional security measure, an SMS containing a One-Time-Pin will be sent to the user’s mobile phone to validate the user when these actions are performed.

To meet MINDEF and the SAF’s increasing internet messaging demands, the Defence Mail messaging system was upgraded to support larger mailbox sizes and an improved web user interface which allows users to collaborate more productively.

At the same time, the Defence Mail’s back-end infrastructure was further enhanced with a web application firewall and other security sensors to form a comprehensive solution that protects the system.

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