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DSTA collaborated with the industry to develop capabilities in providing real-time status of patches, compliance of IT assets and identification of vulnerabilities to better safeguard defence networks against cyber threats.

The team deployed sensors within the various data centres in DSTA, MINDEF and SAF corporate IT networks, enabling continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities. This would reduce security risks and ensure the systems’ compliance with industry standards.

The user-friendly system interfaces introduced by DSTA helped to reduce the users’ steep learning curve in using the system, and ensured dashboards could be created easily to view scanned results and generate reports automatically. To limit the visibility of IT assets to different tiers of users depending on the nature of their roles, access controls were also put in place.

Recognising similarities in areas such as system architecture, hardware equipment and coverage of IT assets, DSTA implemented a common solution to meet those requirements, thus achieving economies of scale and reducing the total amount of operations and support effort. The reduction of hardware also translated to less data centre space needed to house the servers.