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DSTA pursued a multi-pronged approach to digitalise the facilities management operations in DSTA, MINDEF and the SAF.

As part of the Facilities Maintenance Control Centre, which aims to aggregate data from building systems across DSTA, MINDEF and SAF facilities for monitoring and analysis, DSTA developed a data fusion platform to ingest and process data from the building management system and video feeds in the DSTA Integrated Complex.

To improve energy efficiency and optimise operations, the team explored using machine learning techniques to perform real-time optimisation of DSTA’s chiller plant operating parameters, and other developments in data exploitation to detect anomalies in sensor data from lifts, utilities and data centres.

With the ongoing deployment of the IT-enabled Facilities Management System across MINDEF and SAF facilities, the team harnessed the data collected from building and infrastructure, and developed an analytics module to perform trending and analysis for maintenance and servicing works.