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Adapted from a DSTA initiative, the Platform for Innovation, Transformation and Change, or PITCH in short, was delivered in October 2018 as the first internet-facing innovation platform for MINDEF and the SAF.

PITCH is also the first common platform that Regulars and full-time NSmen can share ideas on. It can be extended to users in other defence organisations including DSTA.

Transforming the way innovation is generated, PITCH allows knowledge, experience and resources of the masses to be tapped through means such as crowdsourcing, co-creation and collaboration.

The DSTA team built PITCH on a holistic innovation framework that can support different modes of crowdsourcing. These included innovation jams to bring people together for mass ideation, and curated innovation to engage individuals or groups to delve into specific challenges. To drive participation and sustain interest in innovation, the team implemented gamification for PITCH. Customisable avatars, unlockable achievements and multiple leader boards in PITCH create an interactive environment to interest participants.

In addition, the team designed PITCH with features to convey vibrancy and creativity, while keeping it simple for finding information and participation by end users. Through a user-friendly interface, any end user can easily kick-start new campaigns to crowdsource for challenges or solutions, monitor responses, evaluate and reward good responses, and access reports and statistics at the end of the campaign. End users can also propose challenges and solutions and vote for their favourite ones, as well as collaborate through sharing comments.

Beyond defence innovation, PITCH is also being used to crowdsource continuous improvements to its innovation processes and the platform itself. Partnering users in MINDEF and the SAF, DSTA will continue to analyse the platform’s capability offerings and users’ participation trends to keep the innovation process available on PITCH fun and engaging.