Volunteers from Enterprise IT Programme Centre shared their coding knowledge with children at the Children's Wishing Well Foundation as part of DSTA's Volunteer-A-Day programme.

With the intent to provide the children with useful and long-term knowledge, the volunteers organised a simple session that covered the basics of programming, as well as a hands-on activity to push their creative boundaries.

The children were paired up with a volunteer for the day's task: to build an interactive game character by using an online basic programming software. The engineers also taught the children how to customise their characters to fulfil multiple functions, such as making specific movements, asking and answering questions, and reacting to loud sounds and movements.

Heartened by the children's enthusiasm, Senior Data Scientist Elise Lee said: “It was very fulfilling for us to watch the children have fun and learn something new at the same time."

Happy to have spent a rewarding day with the children, Senior Engineer Tan Jian Qi shared: “Hopefully, they will be inspired to further explore the world of programming."

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