Hear from the Enterprise IT Programme Centre interns about their experiences where they picked up new skills, acquired new knowledge, and made friends for life.

Lim Ding Heng (centre, in black) with his mentors and fellow intern
Undergraduate from Information Security, NUS Computing

Learning new skills…
I was able to work on a variety of projects, including developing a programme that detects vulnerabilities and updates for the software we use. I also created a common dictionary of software products we used to better manage the detection of vulnerabilities and patches.

My time with DSTA taught me a lot about the considerations and requirements for developing enterprise applications, which really changed the way I think about app development. Along with the other interns, I also learnt about various tech applications in defence science through site visits and sharing sessions.

…and making new friends
I knew my internship would turn out great the moment I saw our office, which had a really warm and friendly atmosphere. This atmosphere was reinforced by my wonderful mentors and colleagues, who made my internship a very pleasant and memorable experience. My mentors were patient and helpful, and guided me in both technical and non-technical issues. At the same time, my colleagues were also very friendly and approachable, so I never hesitated in asking them about work or academics!

Gabriel Yik (third from the right, in white) with his mentors and fellow intern
Undergraduate from Computer Science, NUS Computing

Injecting fun into the job…
I was tasked to research, propose and apply gamification concepts to increase usage of a system. This required me to be creative and constantly be on the lookout for interesting areas where gamification could be injected to make routine processes more fun. I was also able to develop a software to test out my proposed concepts!

Beyond technical skills, the internship also taught me that managing projects at work is different from doing the same in an academic environment. For one, it is up to us to figure out how to resolve issues, and engage our colleagues and supervisors to reach the goal together.

…and gaining insights into a career
I liked how the interns were given opportunities to participate in additional activities outside of the office such as summits, working visits and company cohesions. That really made us feel like part of the DSTA family, and also allowed us to gain greater insights into the work of a defence engineer.

Tan Kian Meng (centre, in white) with his mentor and fellow intern
Undergraduate from Computer Science, NUS Computing

Supporting international events…
I refreshed the codebase and implemented new features for a mobile application which the delegates of the Singapore Defence Technology Summit 2019 used. I even got to attend the summit and see the impact of my efforts!

My time with DSTA also enabled me to pick up other skills such as problem solving and gain a deeper appreciation of the need for independence and perseverance.

…and collaborating with local talents
We had a very inclusive environment that was joyous and made me look forward to coming to work every day. My mentors were friendly and welcoming, and helped me adapt to work-life and be integrated with the rest of the team. My colleagues were also so kind and helpful that it felt like we had already known one another for a long time.

Leong Kit San
Undergraduate from Data Science & Analytics, NUS Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, Faculty of Science

Leveraging knowledge from school…
I used various Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to tap unstructured data such as case notes or diagnostic reports to uncover meaningful information. By utilising these data, we will be able to gain deeper insights into our soldiers’ health. Concurrently, I also learnt deep learning methods to build enhanced NLP models. I believe I can use my knowledge of advanced data analytics to help strengthen the SAF healthcare experience, especially since I am a NSman myself!

…and acquiring new perspectives on the job
DSTA advocates independent learning – that has allowed me to pace my development and spend my time more wisely. It also helped that Enterprise IT Programme Centre where I interned at was a perfect match with my field of study, as many of its projects leverage data analytics as well.