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Phase 1 of the Next Generation Procurement System (NGPS) was launched in May 2018. Developed by DSTA, the NGPS is an integrated system to address obsolescence issues faced by existing procurement systems, and to facilitate smart procurement through automated, end-to-end processes. The system improves productivity, strengthens governance and helps to achieve value for money.

Manual processes, such as ranking of tender returns, have been digitalised with the introduction of NGPS which enables a shorter turnaround time. To ensure compliance with procurement policies, the NGPS incorporated built-in rules and auto-checks. Process automation was also designed into the NGPS for operational efficiency and reduction in human error.

Incorporating business information analytics, the interactive dashboards of the NGPS provide both strategic and tactical insights into challenges faced by procurement businesses. For instance, insights gained from the contract renewal dashboard would enable targeted interventions to avoid renewal lapses.

Furthermore, the analytics developed can identify possible collusion and circumvention of procurement rules, and track the volume of transactions by staff to enable effective allocation of work and manpower.

The DSTA team strove to design a user-centric interface that is aligned with users’ mental models of day-to-day work. Process tips, templates and contextual information including ‘how-to’ videos and FAQs are also made easily accessible in NGPS to enhance accuracy of transactions. In addition, the NGPS provides an online ticket system for users to request for technical support or provide their feedback without having to call the helpdesk separately.